How to take care of rebonded hair

Tips After Rebonding Hair | On the off chance that you have accomplished a rebonding as of late, this is what you have to remember 


- Right after you're done your rebonding, there are several things that you have to remember so that your hair is not harmed. 

- Make beyond any doubt that you don't wash your hair in any event for three days after the treatment. Let the warmth settle in. 

- Do not clasp or tie your hair or wear any frill for three-four days. 

- While washing, make a point to wear a shower top to keep your hair from getting to be wet. 

- Do not utilize any hair items on your mane. Case in point, hair oil or hair serums and so on. 

- While brushing your hair verify that you don't utilize compel on the bunches, this will make your hair fragile and will likewise ruin the composition of your hair. 

- on the off chance that you feel that your hair has added to any bunches or has a bend in the center, visit your beautician at the soonest. 


- For a solid mane, it is to a great degree imperative to deal with your bounced back hair. 

- To counteract balding furthermore guarantee that your hair does not get harmed, this is what you have to do. 

- Make beyond any doubt that you utilize a cleanser that is suitable for straight hair just. 

- Apply a conditioner each time you cleanser/wash your hair. 

- Remember to apply a hair serum after you've towel-dried your hair. 

- Oil your hair all the time. 

- You can have a go at utilizing characteristic hair covers made with aloe vera gel, curd, eggs or olive oil each once in a week. 

- Remember to steam your hair each fortnight. You can on the other hand dunk a towel in warm water and turn it around your hair also. This will give profound molding to your mane. 

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